Gratitude List: July 4, 2011

1. Running around in my front yard while it was raining on Sunday night.
2. The momentary drop in the triple digit Oklahoma heat that accompanied the Sunday evening rain.
3. Swimming on Sunday afternoon at Annaleise’s uncle’s house.
4. Sunday afternoon naps.
5. Freedom.
6. The sound of people shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood after dark.
7. Feeding Isabella.
8. I did not mow my grass during the month of June.
9. Making crazy concoctions from watermelon.
10. God’s love.
11. That I was not born into any kind of precarious life-threatening situation.
12. That my daughter was not born into any kind of precarious life-threatening situation.
13. A body that can still move and a mind that can still think.
14. 4th of July celebrations with various friends and family members.
15. Isabella sleeping all the way through the night last night.
16. The smell of fireworks.
17. The smell of freshly cut grass.
18. The smell of rain.
19. The smell of a BBQ.
20. The smell of cupcakes cooking in the oven.
21. The smell of sunscreen.
22. The smell of chlorine.
23. Air conditioning in my car and air conditioning in my house.
24. Ceiling fans.
25. Less than 60 days until the first OU football game.
26. Free and convenient recycling program in my neighborhood.
27. The best rib-eye steak I’ve ever tasted at the Catfish Cabin.

28. Hearing God’s voice through books, friends, scripture, and in those still quiet moments when I actually clear my head and listen for it.
29. Isabella’s flag waving skills.

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Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, ''If you label me, you negate me.'' I call people amigo, bromigo, broseph, amigo, and brojangles a lot. It's a problem... I know. I also fight gangs for local charities and stuff like that, and I have a strong affinity for the fist bump as a primary means of greeting people. When I'm not doing those things, I'm busy trying to balance my efforts to be a good husband & dad, a man of God, a professional fundraiser, a friend, an amateur writer, an avid consumer of books and music, and defender of all things awesome. Check out my blog at


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