Gratitude List: Weekend Edition

1. Safe and interruption-free flights to and from Los Angeles over the weekend.
2. Safe and interruption-free drive to and from Joshua Tree National Park.
3. Spending the weekend with Godly men.
4. Little boys, cowboys, warriors, kings, and sages.
5. New friends.
6. Seeing the Milky Way for the first time in my life.
7. Technical rock climbing and repelling for the first time in my life.
8. Riding a zip line suspended 150 feet in the air.
9. Safety harnesses.
10. Bouldering.
11. Hiking on big granite rocks.

11(b). Bright green shirts.
12. Lemon Gatorade.
13. Hanging out with Tate on the drive out to the park.
14. Sleeping under the stars on a cot in the desert.
15. The beauty of God’s creation.
16. Smoked Tri-Tip.
17. Jeff D’s heart for God and other men.
18. Excursions to Big Bear Lake and the San Bernadino National Forest.
19. Clarity on a lot of things.
20. Lighting a campfire with a flaming arrow

21. The night sky over the Mojave desert.

22. $4 for a 7 minute shower at the Coyote Corner souvenir shop after being out in the desert without showering for 48 hours.

23. Campfires.
24. A good conversation on the plane home with an old man who happened to be from my hometown.
25. Funny Southwest Airlines flight attendants.
26. Seeing AM after coming home late on Sunday night.
27. Peeking in on Izzy sleeping in her crib on Sunday night.
28. Sleeping in my own bed.

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Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, ''If you label me, you negate me.'' I call people amigo, bromigo, broseph, amigo, and brojangles a lot. It's a problem... I know. I also fight gangs for local charities and stuff like that, and I have a strong affinity for the fist bump as a primary means of greeting people. When I'm not doing those things, I'm busy trying to balance my efforts to be a good husband & dad, a man of God, a professional fundraiser, a friend, an amateur writer, an avid consumer of books and music, and defender of all things awesome. Check out my blog at

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