30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 28-30

So this is my life these days. It’s December 13th and I’m just now finishing my NOVEMBER list of 30 things I’m thankful for, but at least I have an excuse.

Day 28 – I’m thankful for old friendships that last and last no matter how much life, time, or distance comes between us. Facebook helps, but it’s more than that. I’m thankful for a handful of people who I know will always be there for me and for whom I know I’ll always be there for in return.

Day 29 – I’m thankful that where I am today spiritually is a totally different place than I was just 3 short years ago. I have experienced God’s love, forgiveness, blessings, promises, presence, and voice in ways that I never thought possible.

Day 30 – I’m thankful for the year that was 2010. What a roller coaster ride the last several months have been. It was a year of great sadness and great joy… of introspection and personal renewal… of pregnancy and fatherhood… of great conversations over coffee with a lot of good men… of new beginnings and new friendships… of road trips and plane rides… of reading and blogging… of ultrasounds and doctor visits… of fear and comfort… of adventure and boredom… of death and new life… of great uncertainty and equally great clarity… of fish caught and fish got away. It was a year filled with so many different emotions, experiences, people, places, stirrings, and purposes. Moments of it were great, moments of it were terrible, most of it was in between, but all of it was beautiful. I will never forget 2010.