Real Men and Important Dates

A real man remembers important dates.

Whether it’s his mom’s birthday, his wedding anniversary, his daughter’s piano recital, or the day the music died, a real man remembers.

He remembers December 7 and June 6. He remembers the last Monday in May and November 11. He remembers October 12 and the first Wednesday of the last full week in April.

He remembers May 20, 1993 and he remembers November 21, 2006… unless he’s Yao Ming or any other citizen of the People’s Republic of China.

If he can’t remember important dates on his own, he learns to write them down on his calendar or in his day planner. If he’s a real man, he may even have them etched in ink by a tattoo artist somewhere on his person. Too much? OK… strike that last one.

The point is that a real man values: A) the contribution of others in his life, B) the impact of past events and characters of old on the current state of the world (or more simply, the lessons of history) and C) the important milestones in the lives of his family and friends.

However, his affinity for important dates is not limited to days gone by. No, like Merlin gazing into his crystal-ball, a real man also looks forward into the future and joyfully anticipates those dates he knows he cannot and should not forget. He sends flowers when he’s supposed to, he tells his boss and his secretary happy birthday, he shows up for things he commits to showing to.

A real man remembers important dates. What dates need to be added to your calendar today?


DISCLAIMER: Remembering the date that little Nate Robinson ate Yao Ming’s lunch for breakfast & dinner has nothing to do with being a real man. Nor does remembering the date of the last episode of Cheers.

If recalling birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant milestones are the ice cream in the Sunday of remembering, followed by important moments in history as the whip cream, then dates like the last episode of Cheers and the end of Yao’s NBA dominance are the maraschino cherries or crushed peanuts on top.



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